Paragliding tandem flight in Krusevo

Paragliding tandem flight in Krusevo


Duration: 10hours
Participants: 2-5
Location: Krusevo
Have you ever dreamed of flying like a bird?

Tandem flight in Krusevo is much more different, because here you will enjoy the nature and fly above forests and valleys instead of flying above the town. The area known as ‘Meckin Kamen’ is only few kilometers from the center of the town. This is one of the most visited paragliding take off places.

Meeting point: Departure for Krusevo: 08:00h Departure for Skopje: 18:00h Duration: The tour takes approximately 10 hours, including the transportation to and from the hotel. We say approximately because sometimes weather conditions are not good and we have to wait for a nice launch cycle. Also it takes time to prepare you and the equipment for the flight.

PRICE per person includes: Transport from Skopje to the take off place near Krusevo and back to the meeting point in Skopje. This flight usually lasts for 20-25 minutes. But if the whether is good and you are lucky to catch nice thermals, the instructor can offer you to stay up in the air for 20 minutes more and to land far away from the previously agreed landing place. You shouldn’t worry for transport because the ground support team will pick you up from where you landed. This extended flight will cost additional 20 €. In this tour food is not included. You can bring lunch packages or we can go together for lunch or dinner if we all agree.

Recommended clothing: Hiking boots, ankle support is good Sunglasses You don’t have to worry about the rest of the needed clothing; we will give you everything you need