Hotel New Star Skopje

Hotel New Star Skopje
Str. 2 No. 160 Vizbegovo,
Zip / City:
1000 Skopje



Hotel New Star was officially opened in May 2012 providing 62 spacious and elegant guest rooms marking a principle destination of the world’s elite who wish to celebrate New Star’s unequivocal grandeur and international stature. We have a capacity of 120 beds, 2 conference/banquet halls, a breakfast room, fully equipped conference/seminary hall, 2 grand size pools, tennis and basketball courts & a running track.

We offer all the services and sophistication, equipment and technical facilities to accommodate whatever requirements you may need to successfully run all workshops, seminars and congresses. In addition, we have a rich selection of hot and cold appetizers from the highest quality products; various meat products, many kinds of cheese, salads, fried dishes of vegetables, seafood appetizers and other inspirational cocktails and accessories.

New Star has an excellent team of professionals who strive to make New Star the leading hotel restaurant in Macedonia.

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